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Poison Paradise [entries|friends|calendar]
Neville L.

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Completed [22 Feb 2004|02:34pm]
It has been a long time that I have been working on the heating system, but it's finally complete. In each room I hung up a gold plated dish above the door with the Eye of Ra and the phoenix emgraved in it. These are magically connected to my room, where the miniature shrine resides. As long as the insense burns within the sensor-lamp, heat will be provided throughout the Serpent's Hole.

Speaking of my room, it has improved quite a lot. It was extended and it now takes up the other room next to it as one entire room, but with 2 doors now. To one side is my bed and an antique 16th century cabinet that Blaise brought from Barcelona. To the other side is the alter of Ra and modelled after the great temple at Heliopolis in Egypt. A large curtain can divide my "bedroom" area with the "temple" area for prayers and/or other events.

I wonder what hapenned down in Egypt after I left...is Heliopolis still under reign of the Forces of Nature and the magical creatures or has You-Know-Who invaded it? Hopefully he didn't...because if he did, he would destroy our great temple and monestary. Possibly he may capture the phoenixes and use their magic for dark deeds. At least Heliopolis is near Vatican City and Istanbul, the 2 most powerful Ministry lead cities against You-Know-Who in Europe, also the 2 capitals of the once powerful Roman Empire. In Asia, Japan is the most important area under Ministry rule. Appearantly, the war has not even touched the Americas yet, and by Ra, please prevent it from doing so. Europe, Asia, and Africa are barely standing now as peaceful places. But we cannot run to the American continents, for we will be followed and the newly settled continents from the past 2 centuries barely contain enough magical energy to keep it stable.

I got to stop over thinking because I will come up with the craziest images that I will soon think have really happened. Ay!
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So Many Things! [15 Feb 2004|01:07pm]
So many things are going on! Hermione has come and she and Blaise are engaged! Congrats to them! I can't wait till their wedding... Things feel a bit more cheery around the Serpent Hole, and more busy too. The wards, the tub, the heating system, and lots of cleaning. Everything seems more enjoyable now, I'm not sulking in my room and I can think more clearly now.

I've been communicating with my god, Ra, lately. A few small warnings were given to me, very breif and not very clear, but I should watch out for the place. Maybe all this happiness is too good to be true...
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Progressing Further [10 Feb 2004|05:57pm]
My workings and meditations are making me stronger and help me move on in my life. Ra is giving me strength to continue. My robes are nearly complete, hopefully within the next few days I will be bearing my full status through appearance.

One thing I notice a lot is how cold and damp the Serpent Hole is, so, after the bathtub is moved and the wards and traps put up, and also after everyone finishes that odd spell on the wolf (I honestly don't know why Draco made potions for it), then I will create a heating system by using hyroglyphics drawn in each room and spiritually connected to the shrine in my room, the Altar of the Sun, Pedistal of the Phoenix, Templum of Ra, whatever you like to call it. It is my gift to everyone, heat, and if I told people from before, they would have thought I was going to burn down the place. Also, the spices from Spain are the key ingredient to create an insence that will keep the shrine activated. So, I am ready to start helping people.
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Helpfulness is Good! [09 Feb 2004|06:11pm]
I have come to a conclusion. I want to help out more around this place, everyone seems so eager to get up the wards, so I might as well help out, it's not like I'm too busy or that I can't do it, well, I might not be able to, but if all else fails, I can but some fiery booby traps around the premisses.

I have continued work on my new robes. They are coming out well. Soon, they will be complete and I will look my part as a Pyromancer.

Private:// The spices I requested for are all here. Once I prepare this insence, it will be the final thing to add to the tiny shrine of Ra I made in my closet out of toothpicks and bricks. My prayers will hopefully aid everyone in this time of war. I try hiding my pain from Egypt, but, I get the slightest feeling that I'm covering up too well that my insanity is causing issues. I need to really talk to someone, like Ginny, she will understand my view of things.//
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Enthrilled [08 Feb 2004|12:46pm]
Blaise went out shopping with Ginny, Pansy, and the friendly wolf. I requested some red silk and gold thread, for I will be making my own robes, signifying my status as Pyromancer, meaning I will be getting more respect and I can officially call myself "Pyromancer Neville Longbottom of England".

The friendly wolf is very friendly. She acts as if we've known eachother for years, however, I only just met her. She looks oddly familiar, in the eyes. It's a good thing she didn't attack me, that tends to be the issue with me and animals.
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Alone [06 Feb 2004|04:46pm]
So many new people have come... but they are all Slytherins and I am only a Gryffondor reject to them. Why won't we get a newcommer that can talk to me and not have a prejudice opinion of everything... It is really boring here now, everything is very formal and such. I need someone to talk to or something to do before I break out of the Serpent Hole myself!
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Research [01 Feb 2004|03:10pm]
Some books are lying around here in this place that are still in tacked. Some books are very intersting indeed. Appearantly, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient world, was magically charmed for the brick to work as soil and support vegetation. Also, the Cathedral of Ayia Sophia (St Sophia or Holy Wisdom) was the only building to survive attack spells and not be magically charmed for defense in recorded history, however, it did fall to physical attack, but is still preserved till this day.

Well, I can at least keep myself occupied with these books. I wonder why they are in the Slytherin section of the ruins anyway... Maybe there is a book around here about Mer-Magic and Natural Arcane Aquatics so I can see how the relics I found work.
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Brief History of Pyromancy [30 Jan 2004|10:37pm]
A little something I learned about Pyromancy, quite interesting I might add.

Back in ancient egypt, the main aspect of their faith was that life was only preparation for death, and the afterlife. Egyptians honored death more than the essence of life itself. However, a group of Egyptians that lived east of the Nile believed that life itself was eternal because of the legendary bird that is continuous in terms of life and death. The phoenix, the fire bird of reincarnation, with feathers of red and talons and a beak of gold. This bird dwelled in Arabia's deep deserts, in a beautiful oasis, but when it was time to die, it flew away. The bird flew to Heliopolis, city of the sun, sacred to the sun god Re, and everything was golden. The phoenix flew into the temple of Re and seated himself on the alter. There is combusted into flames and burned to its death. From those ashes, an egg of gold was formed, and only to re-hatch the phoenix again. Then the phoenix would take off back to Arabia, and the cycle continues. The priests of Re were the ones with spiritual connections that were able to call forth power of the god and of the phoenix and use the power to bring warmth and teachings to others. The information was documented in 24 ancient scrolls that can currently be found in the library of Alexandria, Egypt. And to this day, the art of "Sun Magic" as the Greco-Roman neighboors have called it, is one of the oldest forms of natural magic.
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Flames... [30 Jan 2004|08:03pm]
Warmth seems to be accessable more easily when I channel my pyromancy spells. My fire-circle stone layout works well, however, if heat is comming early, the seasons may be in a disorder... no matter, as long as things proceed as normal.

Not much happens in here anymore, other than a pipe leakage and a lack of food, there isn't much else going on. Bothering Draco always keeps us occupied, although he might go mad one day because of us.

When a flame is red, and a gust of odd wind turns it blue, that signifies supernatural activity, right? Maybe some house elves have awaken to haunt us or something...
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House of Hallucination [23 Jan 2004|09:48pm]
This day, normal I would dub it, however, as Draco tells me, Harry has returned. But he looks really different, and is acting different. Is something wrong with him? Well, it has been three years since I've seen him... Ginny seems the most affected out of the entire Serpent's Hole. I can see the feeling in her eyes, and my Sun Stones are giving me the feeling. Again, I go look out my "window" and still see the blizzards blowing.
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A little relaxed... [23 Jan 2004|01:26pm]
Although still weary, I'm more capable of handling the conditions now. I can feel the warmth of the firelace and the fire itself seems a bit brighter. My windows are still blurry, because my windows are only a fragment of my imagination that I have kept with me from the world above, however, I can feel the cold winds blow like a stampede of unicorns. My vision is clearer now, I can see reality better, however, the air I breathe isn't fresh. How I desire to once again view the outdoors when the plants grow...
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Blurred Eyes [22 Jan 2004|08:23pm]
As I look out the window, I see only cold, meaningless light. The world might as well be covered in complete darkness and I doubt anyone will notice a difference. Blizzards rage the moment I step outside, and stop the moment I walk indoors, well, at least that is the feeling I am getting. Are some gods trying to send me a message or a sign? I sit here now, looking out the window each day, waiting to see the blazing warm sun rise along with the ashes of the eternal phoenix...
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Suffocated [21 Jan 2004|05:45pm]
Too much is revolving around me, spinning ever so quickly, like a tornado. I feel dizzy, yet, I can still move on...with effort. These days seem so stressful and too much to handle. I need relaxation, fresh air, a crisp spring breeze, however, snow is falling like there is no tomorrow, will warmth ever come to us, will we see the sun again?
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Thoughts of the day... [20 Jan 2004|05:42pm]
Weary and stressed, that best describes me at the moment. I cannot focus or think properly, there is so much racing within my distracted mind. Why can I not concentrate? Why do I forget where I am?

Odd enough, I have this really strange feeling in the pit on my stomach, is it guilt? Is it my fault that the world is still in peril? Should have I undergone the entire arcane ritual?

Even till this day, I ponder if my decision was correct.
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Introduction [20 Jan 2004|05:33pm]
*Characters looks: Neville has straight dark brown hair, sort of long, but short, about down to the bottom of his neck. His eyes are grey-green, but can look brown in a different light. He has fair skin like cream. Neville has a large scar on his midriff and he has an odd symbol that appears to be burned onto his skin with hot metal on his left shoulder.

*Character personality: Neville used to be a little naïve in the past, however, he had gained an odd sense of courage three years ago and a grimness around him, that hangs around like a dark cloud. A feeling of misery is always present in his eyes, and he tends to blame himself for a lot of issues in the world.

*Characters history: During his sixth year at Hogwarts, Neville had begun to discover issues with Voldermort after a trip he made to Egypt. After putting 2 and 2 together, he discovered that Voldermort had a hiding place in the Egyptian pyramids. He told his fellow students, but not many seemed to believe him at all. This carried till the end of his seventh year, where Voldermort placed his attack. Neville fled away to Egypt to try and make things right by confronting the death eaters. He returned 3 years later, covered in sand, scars, and he hasn’t been truly happy since. Many things happened to Neville there, some which would scare people out of their seats. Some hypothesize that Neville was used as a substitute in a human sacrifice in Harry potter’s place, but escaped. Others think Neville had been dubbed the slave of a dark cult. Nobody knows which is for sure.
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